Informed consent made easy

By providing my consent, I agree that Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG will process my email address and telephone, if I indicate them, and my other registration data and that Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG processes this data in order to provide me with personalized communications regarding topics of interest relating to mtu products and solutions, including technical articles, case studies, white papers, news articles, webinars and videos.
I therefore consent to my email address and my other provided data - including my phone number (if provided) - being processed by Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG together with information on my interests and preferences in order to send me these communications via email.
I also consent to be emailed or called (if I provide my phone number) by a salesperson of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG or its local subsidiary or distributor in my country in order to inform me about mtu products and solutions.
This will allow either Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG or salespersons of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG subsidiaries and distributors that reside in my location to contact me regarding such topics. This also includes sending me emails, asking me for feedback or suggestions for actualizing my data.
In order to optimize communications, Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG will analyze whether communications by email are opened by me and which links I click on.
I also agree that Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG personalizes these emails or considers information on my interests in phone calls, if these are covered by my consent, in order to best meet my interests, based on my data.
For that purpose I agree that Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG may use information that Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG collects from me, either from other future downloads of content or webinar registrations or from my filling out a contact form or by cookie information about my visits on the Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG website www.mtu-solutions.com, that will be stored and analyzed within Pardot, a marketing automation solution from Salesforce based in the United States, once I have given this consent. RRPS has agreed on corresponding EU standard data protection clauses with Salesforce. However, we would like to point out that an appropriate state level of data protection comparable to the European Union in the USA cannot be ensured (see ECJ ruling 16.07.2020 - C-311/18). Your data will therefore only be processed or passed on on the basis of your consent.

This information may include the following details:

  • Personal contact data (name, company, role/function, city, state, country, email, phone number)
  • Job title, department, industry information about the company where I am employed (e.g. branch, number of employees)
  • Webinars and/or virtual events that I have registered for and that I have joined
  • Website content that I have visited and/or downloaded
  • Categories of my topics of interests concerning mtu products or solutions, such as: facility / vessel / equipment types, fuel types, load requirements, solution requirements, project stage, etc.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG will process my personal data as described in section 'Personalized Marketing Communications' and 'Cookies & Similar Technologies' in its Privacy Notice.

I can revoke my consent at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in each marketing email or by sending a request to dataprivacy.sales@ps.rolls-royce.com. In this case Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG will immediately stop analyzing my data, delete my data and stop providing me with these communications. For technical reasons the latter may take up to [15] business days. I can also revoke my consent specifically with regard to processing my phone, in this case Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG will delete this data and stop contacting me for marketing purposes via these channels.



通过提交我的同意,我同意 罗尔斯-罗伊斯动力系统股份公司将处理我的电子邮件地址和电话(如果我指明的话)以及我的其他注册数据,并且 罗尔斯-罗伊斯动力系统股份公司处理这些数据是为了向我提供与 mtu 产品和解决方案有关的感兴趣主题的个性化通信,包括技术文章、案例研究、白皮书、新闻文章、网络研讨会和录像。




为此,我同意罗尔斯-罗伊斯动力系统股份公司可以使用从我那里收集到的信息,这些信息可能来自未来的其他下载内容或网络研讨会注册,或来自我填写的联系表,或来自我在罗尔斯-罗伊斯动力系统股份公司网站www.mtu-solutions.com 的cookie信息,一旦我同意,这些信息将在Pardot(总部位于美国的Salesforce的营销自动化解决方案)内存储和进行分析。RRPS已经与Salesforce达成了相应的欧盟标准数据保护条款。然而,我们想指出的是,在美国无法确保与欧盟相媲美的适当的国家数据保护水平(见欧洲法院裁决16.07.2020 - C-311/18)。因此,您的数据只会在您同意的基础上被处理或传递。


  • 个人联系数据(姓名、公司、角色/职能、城市、州、国家、电子邮件、电话号码)。
  • 职务、部门、本人所在公司的行业信息(如分公司、员工人数)。
  • 我已注册并加入的网络研讨会和/或虚拟活动
  • 我访问过和/或下载过的网站内容
  • 我对mtu产品或解决方案感兴趣的主题类别,如:设施/容器/设备类型、燃料类型、负荷要求、解决方案要求、项目阶段等。

罗尔斯-罗伊斯动力系统股份公司将按照其隐私声明中 "个性化营销通信 "和 "Cookies及类似技术 "一节的规定处理我的个人数据。

我可以在任何时候通过点击每封营销邮件中的退订链接或发送请求至 dataprivacy.sales@ps.rolls-royce.com 来撤销我的同意。在这种情况下,Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG将立即停止分析我的数据,删除我的数据并停止向我提供这些通信。由于技术原因,后者可能需要长达[15]个工作日。我也可以通过电话撤销我的同意,在这种情况下,罗尔斯-罗伊斯动力系统股份公司将删除这些数据并停止通过这些渠道为营销目的与我联系。